Mathur Chaturved Parishad

  • Seftech is a humane organization and has undertaken numerous Social welfare projects has generated employment solutions for more than seven hundred youths. Seftech      also undertakes awareness of cultural issues and traditions with its prime focus on addressing education issues for less privileged classes

Manav Seva Samaj (NGO)

  • Seftech activities majorly starts from fundraising, pensions distribution for widows and elderly people and also providing community medical initiatives for below poverty      line people

Sanskrit Mahavidalaya (Mathura)

  • Seftech, is a renowned trustee for students of various schools

Social Welfare Initiatives

  • With due course of time, Seftech also started with a regular contribution in personal capacity for displaced Kashmiri families living in camps in New Delhi.

  • With increasing years of working Seftech also started engaging in occasional funding for surgeries and operations for children in genuine need through an NGO in Delhi.

  • After starting their extended help with NGO’s Seftech also extended its support for the welfare of African students Studying in India

  • Seftech also contributed in various medical equipments including consumables to Ghana for medical needs in the year 2016

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